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All Types of

Sign Maintenance

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Stetts Signs, LLC- Sign Maintenance & Installations;   Mark 16:17-"And These (our) Signs Shall Follow Them (you & us) That Believe."

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Logo/Identity & Graphic Design

Including Printing Services, Business Cards, Brochures & more

Other Specialties

  • Layout/Design, File & Logo Creation
  • Finish & Material Selection
  • Lighting Options for Manufacturing
  • Construction & Fabrication/Manufacture
  • Painting & Detailing with Manufacturing


Whoever is Slandering Our Co., shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

All Types of

Sign Manufacturing



5'x8'-D/F-Sandblasted Cedar Gold Leaf Sign

4'x6'-S/F-V-Carved Cedar Gold Leaf Sign

National Provider Accounts, Franchises or

Privately Owned... "Sign Maintenance"

We Service & Repair : Neon, LED, Fluorescent Signs of all types. We also Service Exterior Lighting & Parking Lot Lights & Sign Maintenance.


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Our Carved Signs Made of Western Red Cedar are Far more Durable than similarly made with High Density Foam which is typically what Carved Signs are made of. Foam Signs are easily Cracked or Damaged. And Vandalism is always an issue with Free-Standing Foam Signs.

We are a Christian Family Owned Company. Visit our Page "Why does it matter we are a Christian Company" for more info. We have Experienced Technicians, Fully Equiped Service Trucks,  NEC-Code Knowledgeable & Master Electricians on call with our Partner Company McCain Industrial Services, Inc.

                          WHY CHOOSE STETTS SIGNS ?

                          * Experienced Technicians- Partnering w/ McCain Ind.Services

                          * 3-hr Service Radius

                          * Fully Equipped Service Trucks

                          * Neon/Fluorescent/LED Knowledgeable

                          * Ballasts/Lamps/Transformers in Stock

                          * LED + Neon Parts in Stock

                          * NEC-Code Knowledgeable

                          * Master Electricians on Call

                          * Solutions to Reoccurring Outages




214 Fleming St., South Williamsport, PA 17702

Church Signs

Offering 10%-Discount to Christian Churches & Organizations.

We Also Produce Beautiful Carved & Gold Leafed Cedar Signs


From Natl. Provider Accounts for Dollar Generals, Family Dollars, State Farm & more. To Fluorescent/LED-Lit Cabinets, Channel Letters, Stud Mnt. Letters, Wall Panel Signs to Carved & Gold Post & Panels. Even Highrise Signs Installations.


It pays you to have your Sign looking good &

in good working order for your Business.

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       * Cost Effective Advertising

        * Non-Stop Advertising- 10+ yrs

        * Increased Business or Property Value

        * Business Professional Impression

        * Property Visual Appeal

        * Product & Industry Knowledge

        * Honesty & Integrity

        * Peace of Mind

        * Savings to Your Bottom Line

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ATM- Surrounds Custom

Surrounds, Toppers, Wall Panels & ATM Signage