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Sign Installations, ATM Bezels & Surrounds, Enclosures, Kiosks & Graphics
Cedar Signs, Carved & Gold Leaf Signs & Church Signs

Servicing National Provider Accounts
For Service Call: 1-877-339-0357 or 570-322-7576

Why Choose Stetts Signs ?

* Experienced Technitions
* 3-Hr Service Radius
* Fully Equiped Service Trucks
* Neon/LED/Fluorescent Knowledgable
* Ballasts/Transformers in Stock
* LED & Neon Componants in Stock
* NEC Code Knowledgable
* Master Electricians on Call
* Recommendations to Solve Reocurring

          We Provide :

* Extremely Cost Effective Advertising
* Savings to your Bottom Line
* Non-Stop Advertising-up to 10yrs
* Increased Business/Property Value
* Visual Appeal- Property/Business
* Professional Business Impression
* Honesty & Integrity to You
* Product & Industry Knowledgable
* Peace of Mind to our Customers

Don't Forget our Other Products & Services
Manufacturing & Fabrication of Aluminum ATM Surrounds, Bezels. Kiosks & Graphics
Visit our ATM Surrounds Page for Details

Signs & Sign Systems Installations
Including Corp. Bank Changovers & Name Changes

Cedar Plank & Carved & Gold Leaf Signs
Visit our Cedar Signs Page or Carved & Gold Page for more Details

Church Signs of All Types
Production & Installation, Lit & Non-Lit :  See our Church Signs Gallery Page

Offering 10% Discounts to All Christian Churches & Organizations

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