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Both Rich and Christy are non-denominational Christians. We believe in the Rights of the Unborn, from the time of conception. And we believe in the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms shall not be infringed). As well as many other conservative issues. We believe strongly in conservative values such as HONOR, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, RESPECT, FAIRNESS, TRUST & JUSTICE.

Our personal values carry over into our business. We endeavor to bring all these character traits and types of behavior and choices to each and every one of our customers, jobs and projects. On many occasions this has meant greater benefits for our customers than it has for us. But,  that is the price we are willing to pay to care about people and things the way we believe we should according to Judeo/Christian moral beliefs. However, we believe it is not a sin to make a profit and increase and multiply. So, we do not believe in being used and/or not treated fairly in business especially concerning profits and expenses.

Someone once said to Richard Stetts 3rd:

            "GOD so Loved him (Rich) that HE sent HIS Only Birthed Son to Die in place of or for (Rich)

             & all the Wrongs & Evil of the World, & that if (Rich) would Accept It, he would be given Forgiveness & Eternal Life."


Rich's Response To Hearing Of This;

                        Rich said, "If there ever was such a thing as a GOD, that is exactly what HE would have to have done

                        in order to have Convinced "me" that HE was Real & Actually Existed!"



There have been many other strong & compelling Witnesses & Evidences given & revealed to Rich since then.


The GOD & Creator of the Universe;
If HE was real, HE would have to take All Responsibility for HIS Creation.
Most of us don't want to be so Selfish, Evil nor Bad, but woke up to this Wicked World wondering WHY!
First, why so many Bad things happen to us & then others? We didn't create it this way!
Well, that's right. We didn't. And the One True GOD & Creator of Everything agrees & decided HIMSELF to do something about it!
Since HE "GOD" wasn't "able" to die, He decided to "join/marry" into HIS creation to give birth to HIS one & only Son.
HIS Son would be "able" to do what HE couldn't.
HIS Son would be "able" to Lovingly Sacrifice & Die in place of or instead of us, me, you.
So, GOD sent HIS Only Birthed Son, "a Combination of GOD His Father & a woman His Mother".
This "man" is & was the ONLY "Son/GOD-Man" to ever have existed.
He was "able" to Remain Perfect all His life & then out of LOVE, offer His Life as a Ransom for our lives!
As payment for our Sins, that we do not want to commit or don't know how not to commit.
Now when we die, we are JUSTLY given New Life, because He gave His live to Death (the enemy) which is payment to Death enough, that we may then Live with Him forever!
His "GIVING" (Payment) to Death "covers us" (is a Gift to us), that we might Not Ever die again-

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