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We offer Professional Sign Industry Consulting to answer any and all of your questions with our over 30- years of Experience. We've been in business for 19+ years, since 2005, and Owner Richard has been experienced in the sign industry since 1990. Richard has worked on almost every type of sign there is and in almost every type of situation and environment. From simple Panel Signs, Hand Lettering and Gold Leafing to Lrg. Pole Sign and Highrise Installations including Fabrication and others in between- as far as types. And in situations like, Ladders, Scaffolding, Bucket Trucks, Cranes, Aerial Platforms, Tanks, Buildings, Coobyholes etc. And in environments such as 97°- Heat in Coobyholes or Roofs, Thunderstorms while Drilling Holes and/or trying to Paint and in Snow Storms or short Blizzards while trying to Paint Billboards or perform installs etcNot to mention, Christy Stetts's extensive Knowledge and Experience she has gained Managing Projects and more over the last 13- years, since 2011.  If you need sign industry KNOWLEDGE with SOLID FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE, you've come to the right place.   GIVE US A CALL TODAY!


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PROJECT MANAGEMENT-  Your Management Solutions


There are (3) types of Management we generally perform for our customers;

(Type-1): Managing a Lrg.Project or Highly Skilled Project or Multi-Locations Job by ourselves without assistance.

(Type-2): Doing most of the job ourselves, while Hiring & Managing Subcontractors as needed for critical tasks, to complete the job.

                This type may include a single job/location or it could involve many jobs and/or locations.

(Type-3): Performing Solely Management of the job or project, completely outsourcing competent Subcontractors to fulfill &

                complete the job or project per our management, guidance & instructions with our over 30+ years of Experience &


TURKEY HILL MARKETS: At one time we were on-call to Service up to 80- Stores in central PA (before they were bought out by another company).

GIANT FOODS: For several years we had 8- Stores we Serviced around the Williamsport, PA area until they hired there own Maintenance Mngmt. Co.

PRIORITY SIGNS- SANTANDER BANK: We managed a 12- Location Change-over, including a Lrg. Highrise install in downtown Williamsport, PA.

MR. TIRE / MONROE MUFFLER: Managed several locations Change-over.

AMERICAN WATER: Managed Structural Design, Fabrication/Production & Installation of a Bowed ACM-style Monument Sign in Scranton, PA area.

LINGLE'S FAMILY MARKETS: Managed 3- Locations Change-over of all signage plus did work on several locations for Save-A-Lots.

VIS- SIGNS- FIRST COMMONWEALTH BANK: Managed & Installed 5- Location Change-over ATM- Surrounds Installations.

Let the POWER of Knowledge & Experience do the hard work for you!



Project Mngmt
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Logo Design

LOGO DESIGN & BRANDING-  Logo & Branding Solutions


Owner of Stetts Signs, Richard Stetts 3rd, has been designing Logos for over 30+ years. Which doesn't include the many years of experience Co-Owner Christy has designing Logos too. One of the Specialties Richard has gained a lot of experience & expertise over all of the years is Modifying customers Logos to either "Fit" existing signage specs., sizes or shapes during change-overs or Modifying their Logos to work in specific types of "Applications" they were not originally designed or planned for and making them work. One Example is;  Channel Letters have minimum thicknesses that they can be fabricated to. In some cases, if a customers Logo was made with a "thin" font. Their Logo may have to be Modified in order to even make a sign into Channel Letters. As in the case with Penn State, we found their Logo font Thickness could not be altered. So an alternative method had to be found to make their Logo into a Channel Letter style sign. It was decided a Channel-Cloud type of Letters would work best for them & the L.L.

​During the 30 years process Richard has obtained a lot of experience with Logo Standards Specifications used by Corporate Entities for uniform Reproduction of their Logos over many types of Applications. Richard knows what it takes to Create "Competent" Logo Standards that can work in "Real Life" situations that are found in building structures, signage types, sizes & thicknesses that are likely to be encountered in the real world. Realistically & with Practicality in mind!

Here at Stetts Signs we have Practical, Competent, "Time Tested", Real World, Proven Experience!

Give us here at Stetts Signs a Call Today!    Let's See What We Can Create For You!


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Here at Stetts Signs, we are Very Experienced with all types of Design Work in the Sign Industry. Don't just settle on experienced

Graphic Designers, or Logo Designers or even Imaging & Branding Designers only. But, here at Stetts Signs, we have extensive experience at Sign Structural Design, Construction Design & Fabrication Design too.

  Not only do you want your New Signs to look good & grab attention, but you also want them to be Built Properly. With the best Construction Methods & Materials available, which can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to Fabricate into the real world.

Many times we even figure how to substitute less expensive materials or methods to achieve similar looks, but to better fit a customers


We have Practical, Competent, "Time Tested", Real World, Proven Experience!

Give us here at Stetts Signs a Call Today!    Let's See What We Can Create For You!

Design Service


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Inspect & Report

INSPECT & REPORT OUTAGESLook Your Best In Front Of Your Customers


As a business owner, the last thing you want is to have your signs looking terrible to your customers. Giving your business a bad first impression. Or, to have your signs not performing there task of guiding customers into your place causing you loss of revenue. Especially if that occurs at critical times during the year when your expected sales are at their highest. Such as during or near major holidays or seasons. Here at Stetts Signs, we can do or have done, "Drive-by" Inspections of your signage, during the day or at night to Report to you any condition issues with your signage and how they are performing the 3- main tasks every sign should do... 1.) Create a Great First Impression, 2.) Grab Attention & Guide your customers, 3.) Prevent Revenue Loss from lack of visibility. Even if you are a National Franchise or have a Business far away in another State from us. We can perform INSPECTING & REPORTING for you, in the same manner as other Lrg. Service Provider Sign Companies do, using our connections & data-base of Subcontractor sign companies around the country, of whom we can contact to perform the necessary survey​ to obtain the information needed. Then we provide that info. to you so that you can make an informed decision how to proceed handling the problem. We can even handle or manage our partner subcontractors to go ahead and perform needed Service Call Repairs if necessary to fix any and all problems you may have with your signage. Thereby keeping you and your business always looking and performing good, signage-wise in front of your customers. Our goal is to help your business succeed using all of our Experience & Abilities to benefit those who need it. If you would like to maintain a Great First Impression with your customers and clearly Guide your customers to your place and Prevent Revenue Loss during Peak Seasons.                                                                                      Then Call Stetts Signs!   570-322-7576


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