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Part of our focus is Professional Services. Capitalizing for our customers our over 30-yrs of experience in the Sign Industry

with Sign Consulting, Project Management, Logo Design & Branding, Design Services- Image & Structural & Inspecting & Reporting.

Also, Surveys & Permitting. Professionally providing Sign Surveys, Sign Permits, Zoning Permits, Building Permits, HARB (Historical) Permits, getting Approved & Stamped Engineering Drawings, obtaining Variances when needed & PennDot Permits.


SECONDLY, we provide Manufacturing/Fabrication/Production of all types of Signs, Graphics & Art.

Including, Led Signs, Channel Letters, Post + Panel Signs, Monument & Lit Signs, Dimensional Letters, Church Signs, Wall Signs, Gold Leafed Signs, Wood Signs, Graphics, Vehicle Graphics & Sign Restorations, Led Retrofits & ATM- Surrounds & Signage.


THIRDLY, another part is Sign Servicing & Maintenance with our newer Low Mileage Fiberglass Box 36-ft reach Bucket Truck.

Repairing Lit Signs Fluorescent or Led Lighting Systems. Neon Lighting for most signs, like Channel Letters is obsolete with new led technology & so we don't repair those, but Retrofit them only.

FOURTH, we provide Led Retrofits, Gold Leaf Gilding, Graphics & Digital Prints & Fine Art Paintings. Retrofitting old Fluorescent Lamps, Neon or old leds to New Low Voltage, Safer, Energy Efficient Leds. Providing Expert Gold Leafing & Gilding. Graphics, Digital Prints & Decals of all sorts & types. Creating one of a kind Fine Art Paintings by Co-Owner Christy Stetts.

FIFTH, we provide Installations. As you can see in the Pictures above, we have performed all types of installs over the years. Some of these Pictured we performed ourselves & some we subcontracted either help or Partner Installers. They would either work with us or occassionally they performed the install themselves. From very Large Lit Cabinet Highrise installations which required special Street-Closure City Permits, to Walmart very Large Distribution Centers, to Large Plaza Pylon Tenant Signs like Big Lots Plaza, Rt.15, Lewisburg, PA, to 12- location Bank Changeovers, requiring all signage at each location to be changed over, to Multi-Location ATM installations, to many National Franchises such as, Family Dollar, Arby's, KFC, State Farms, Dunkin Donuts, The Bon Ton & others.

We have the EXPERIENCE to Perform All Types of Installations and to provide Professional Services, Manufacturing & Products & Servicing/Maintenance. And we perform installations for Products we Manufacture/Produce & installations for National Provider Sign Companies. But, on bigger installations we many times subcontract with our Partner Installers. There are a lot of other large National Sign Companies that perform the same tasks in the same way. Some don't have the capabilities to perform installs with trucks & crews at all & some have the capabilities (as we do), but still subcontract partner installers all the time as well. So, we are just as reliable as many other large National Sign Companies & we have the Experience to prove it.

Whether we directly install for you or subcontract COMPETENT Partner Installers, our 30+ years of Experience & Management Skills will benefit you & your company!

  If you need sign industry KNOWLEDGE with SOLID FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE, you've come to the right place.

                                                                                                                                                                               GIVE US A CALL TODAY!



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