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                                                                        MANUFACTURING / FABRICATION

Here at Stetts Signs, we are Very Experienced with all types of Fabrication Work in the Sign Industry. Don't just settle on experienced Graphic Designers, Logo Designers or even Imaging & Branding Designers only. But, here at Stetts Signs, we have extensive experience at Sign Structural Design, Construction Design & Fabrication Design too.

Not only do you want your New Signs to look good & grab attention, but you also want them to be Built Properly. With the best Construction Methods & Materials available, which can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to Fabricate into the real world. Many times we even figure how to substitute less expensive materials or methods to achieve similar looks, but to better fit a customers budjet. Whether it is Wood, Aluminum, Steel, Welded, Glued, Bolted or Beams, Angle Irons or PVC Construction & Fabrication. We have the Sign Industry know how to get it done right.

                                                                                    Give us a Call Today! Let's See What We Can Create For You!


Servicing & Maintenance

                               \  SIGN  SERVICING  &  MAINTENANCE

We've Serviced multiple Hundreds of Signs over the last 19- years. Many Large Double Pole 45-ft + height Signs, Fluorescent Lit Cabinets, Led Lit Cabinets, Neon & Led Lit Channel Letters, Building Signs, Tenant Signs and so many more. We've been in high Lifts, in tight coobie-holes, attic areas, craw-spaces, you name it and we've probably worked on it or in it. We've done it for both National Accounts and Local and Regionally Owned Companies. Regionally, we used to Service up to 80-Stores for Turkey Hill Markets until they were bought-out by another company  and we used to Service up to 8-Stores for Giant Foods directly until they downsized their Interior Maintenance Departments & started Outsourcing. We are still On-Call with them both. We have the Experience to take care of  & help you with your needs too. We've done work for; MX-Services, Federal Heath, Dualite, Everbrite, Persona, Priority Signs, Advance Sign Grp., AGI, Lauretano, Triangle, Allen Ind., Atlas Signs, Coast Signs, Hilton Displays, all National Sign Companies. And we've done work for notable Regional like Knoebles Amusement Park, Dunkin Donuts, World Little League, Mr. Tire, Valley Farms, Lingles Markets & others. With our 36-ft reach Bucket Truck you can count on us to provide Professional Experienced Sign Service for you.




   We provide Installations such as, Post & Panel Signs, Wall Panel Signs, Wall illuminated Cabinet Signs , Dimensional Letters, Plaques, Lit Sign Faces of Rigid Lexan Polycarbonate or Plexiglass,  Graphics & Lettering all in house and/or for projects or products that we produce or manufacture in house. We use our 36-ft reach Bucket Truck or sometimes Rent a Lift.

On larger installations that require a Crane to lift bulky or big Signs, Channel Letters, Faces or anything heavy, we Subcontract with one of our several Partner Installers. Sometimes, if we have a heavy workload & are very busy, we may choose to produce Large Signs or Channel Letters for our customers, but to not do the installation part at all. But, sometimes having one of our Partner Installers to have the Signs or Channel Letters installed. Providing  Manufacturing/Production, Servicing & offering our Professional Services of over 30 years Experience to our customers. Leaving Crane lifts to others. We have successfully Subcontracted many large projects installations & Foundation Excavations with Family Dollars, Kost Tire & others. And we can either install directly for you or provide Project Management to have your installs performed right.




Channel Letters

                                                   LIT  CHANNEL   LETTERS

If you need Channel Letters, you've come to the right place. We can manufacture them for you in house or for bigger orders we can outsource them to one of our Lrg. Wholesale Suppliers to the industry. Channel Letters used to be almost all Neon, but now a days with new technology they are almost exclusively lit by Led-Lighting. They can be made with either standard Aluminum Sides & Backers with Plastic Faces or as all Plastic. And they can be Front-Lit, Back-Lit or Front+Back-Lit at the same time. Channel Letters can be mounted individually onto walls or as grouped units or words on Aluminum Raceways onto walls, which requires less wall penetrations for the primary power lines. They can be Flush-Mounted to a wall, interior or exterior, or they can be stood-off of a wall with spacers for individual letters.

Raceway-Mounted Letters are already stood-off from the wall by the thickness of the Aluminum Raceway "Can" which houses the DC-Power Supplies of the sign letters. White Led's are the best to use, as they are the brightest & provide the most amount of Light or Lumins per foot and/or per module. Even if the Channel Letters Faces are to lite a bright color, it is common to use colored plexiglass or translucent vinyl overlays on the Faces to provide the colors. However, led's do come in a variety of colors also if needed or required. We have our own  proprietory type of All Plastic Slim-Profile Led-Channel Letters that no one else in the world manufactures.


                                        MONUMENT    &   LIT SIGNS

We've produced Lit Signs of many different types including, Lit Fluorescent & Led Lit Sign Cabinets, Lit Channel Letters, EMC- Electronic Message Centers, Neon Border Tubing & Neon Signs, for projects ranging from Large Plaza Directory Pole Signs to Large Lit Wall Sign Cabinets & Channel Letters to Hanging Lit Signs. For a diversity of customers as Kost Tire & Auto Service Centers, Banks, Penn State, Valley Farms, YMCA Williamsport & Farmers Insurance among many others. Also, we've created many Monument Style Signs for customers such as, American Water in Scranton, PA, World of Little League 4-Beam Cedar Sign in South Williamsport, PA, Seneca Resources & others. Whether its Fluorescent, Led, Cabinets or Channel Letters, or Non-Lit Monument Signs made from Cedar Beams or Extruded Aluminums or Aluminum Composite Panels over Framing or whatever it is. We've probably done it before or something similar. Call us & use our extensive experience to help your business stand out.

Monument & Lit Signs


                                                LED  RETROFITS

Fluorescent Lamps and Neon Lighting both require High Voltage to operate. Fluorescent Lamps require several hundred Volts at minimum and Neon requires several thousand Volts between 3000 Volts up to 15,000 Volts. Because of this, they consume a lot of energy compared to Led's and they pose a Fire Hazard Risk too. Both have tendencies to burn through wires causing Shorts direct to ground which sometimes can lead to a fire in a structure, causing significant damages. Led's (light emitting diodes) are Low 12V or 24V DC (direct current) Voltage, rather than AC (alternating current), and are a lot Safer & Energy Efficient to operate. Much Lower Fire Risk with Energy Savings and Lower Maintenance Costs. In every way better for your bottom line.  Get your Signs, Lot Lights or Building Lights Led Conversions & Retrofits from Stetts Signs today!

Led Retrofis


Gold Leaf & Gilding


                              GOLD   LEAF   &   GILDING

Here at Stetts Signs, we use only Genuine Hand Hammered Imported from France 23 kt. Gold, Gold Leaf. No imitations here. Only the Real Genuine stuff. You can always identify imitation Leafs. They will readily tarnish, changing color. Real Genuine Gold Leaf will not tarnish. And can last for up to 30 years, if properly applied. Without any protective coverings or coatings. You can't beat the Beauty and Longevity of Real Gold Leaf! It takes knowledge and a Fine Artists Hand and Eye to skillfully apply Gold Leaf Professionally. Here at Stetts Signs both Rich and Christy have a lot of experience applying Gold Leaf. Especially Christy. She has logged more hours than Rich producing the talent. She has become an Expert Gilder. Able to bring out the Highlights of the Gold using pigmented undercoating or multi-layers. And she is especially good at filling in those ever so pesky "Holidays" that always seem to appear. Giving the overall Job a Clean, Neat, Smooth Expert Professional appearance. The way it should be! We endeavor to provide only the best for our customers.

Dimensional Letters

                                  DIMENSIONAL   LETTERS

We have Produced & Installed a wide range of Dimensional Letters. Everything from Gemini Prismatic Formed Plastic Letters to Geminis's thick Laser-Cut Acrylic Plastic Letters to CNC-Router Cut Wood Composite Extira Letters or DiBond ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Letters & 1/8'' & 1/4''- thick Aluminum Plate Letters. We've done them for interior walls & for exterior applications. With Stud mounting & with 3M-VHB (very high bond) Dbl.Sided Tape installations.

They can be a very Economical way to add a professional & clean image to your business with a 3D look, giving dimension to your message. Whether indoors or outdoors, they are high visibility & get noticed. You can even do them in Cast Metals or with special finishes as premium 3D Letters. We've done them for Banks, Churches, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Big Name Insurance Companies, Furniture Warehouses, Restaurants, Dr. Offices, YMCA's & more.

And we can do a custom set for you too.


Church Signs

                            CHURCH   SIGNS

You don't need to go to one of those Large Online Church Sign Companies. Here at Stetts Signs, we've done a lot of Signs for local Churches. And usually for less than those big companies are able to do, since they don't install in this area. They will usually ship signs, but then you have to get your own installer. We can take care of all of that for you & we are locally in the area. Whether it is a Very Large Cedar Plank Sign, Post & Panel Sign, a CNC- V-Carved Sign, a Genuine Gold Leafed Sign or a Lit Sign or Letters. We can get er done for you, professionally & with experience! Some Churches or Christian Organizations we've done work for include: Camp Susque, Fairlawn Community Church, Christian Church at Cogan Station, Brethren In Christ in Mntrsvl., Crossroads Church in Jersey Shore, Elimsport UMC, Center For Independent Living, Sunnybrook Meadows, Sunbury Christian Fellowship, Christian Missionary Alliance in Shamokin among others. The next time your organization needs a new sign, try giving us a call first. We will probably save you some trouble.


                                      POST & PANEL SIGNS

We produce many types of Post & Panel Signs. From Wood, to Aluminum Square Tube, to Extruded Aluminum Panels & Shaped Posts. Single Sided or Double Sided. And at various sizes, up to about 5-ft x 10-ft maximum. We can use PVC- Post Covers, 4''x4'', 6''x6'' or even bigger sizes of Posts. In many cases we use an Aluminum Composite 3mm/1/8'' thick Panel (ACM) attached to a central Frame or Cross-Board Supports for strength & rigidity of the structure for economical purposes. These types can be made single or double sided & are strong. We can also use 6mm/1/4'' thick Panels of (ACM) or even solid thick Aluminum Sheet Material among others such as PVC or Wood. Extruded Aluminum Non-Lit Post & Panel Kits are available too & work well for institutions such as Banks, Hospitals of Offices.

Post types available are: Pressure Treated Wood or Cedar Wood, Painted or Non-Painted, Aluminum Square Tube, Extruded Aluminum Rectangle, Triangle or Round. Central Support Frames or Cross-Boards are usually made of Pressure Treated Wood or can be made of Aluminum Square or Rectangular Tubes. Whether economical or premium style designs, we can produce just the right type for you.

Post & Panel Signs


Wall Panels

                                                WALL   PANELS

Generally we use ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) for most Wall Panels. ACM is a Rigid Plastic Core Material with Aluminum bonded to both the Front Side & the Back Side. Making it lighter & less expensive than Solid Sheet or Plate Aluminum, but with similar Rigidity Properties as Solid Sheet or Plate Aluminum. It comes in standard 3mm/1/8''-thick or 6mm/1/4''-thickness or thicker with "Fluted" Cores. Other materials can also be used such as, Sheet or Plate Aluminum of various thicknesses, PVC- Plastic Panels, HDU (high density urethane) Foam Panels with thicknesses up to 3'' or even Wood Panels like Lrg. Cedar Plank Sign Panels. ACM Panels are usually Prefinished with a Baked on Powder Coating & are available in various colors, but white is the most common. ACM Panels don't require any special priming since they are prefinished. Aluminum Sheet or Plate is the most durable, but also the most expensive & requires a special Self-Etching Primer before any top or finish coat. PVC's require good plastic paints & HDU Panels also require a very good base Primer Coat before any finish coats. Wood Panels either require a very good base Exterior Wood Primer before any finish coat or they require some type of Clear Marine Grade Epoxy coatings to be long term durable outside. Whatever type you prefer, we can produce it for you.


                                           WOOD   SIGNS

We've produced many types of Wood Signs too. We have commonly made Wood Signs from Cedar Plank Panels glued together with very strong Resorcinol Glue Adhesive. A combination of resin and hardener that withstands long-term water immersion and has high resistance to ultraviolet light. The adhesive, introduced in 1943, has been popular in aircraft and boat construction. Until the invention of epoxy resin, resorcinol was one of the most common marine glues. This type of Wood Panel is stronger than most other wider panels due to different grain direction of slats, having greater resistance to bowing over time. Other types of Wood Signs we produce are MDO Sign Panels which are a type of very Smooth Sign-Grade Plywood. But, it has been lacking in long term durability in recent years. So, we still prefer either Genuine Cedar Planks or another less costly but still excellent durability type called Extira Wood Composite. Available in thicknesses up to 1-1/4''. It substitutes well for CNC-V-Carved style of Sign Designs where Carved Letters are desired as a more economical material. We can Sandblast larger oversized Plank Signs or V-Carve up to 5'x10'. We can provide either Hand Lettering or Genuine 23kt. Gold Leafing or Epoxy Marine Grade Clear Coatings or Jig Saw Cut Custom Shaped Panels. Which ever you prefer.

Wood Signs



                  GRAPHICS,  DECALS   &   DIGITAL   PRINTS

We also provide all types of Graphics & Decals. Whether it is Vinyl Cut-Out Letters or Single Color Decals or a Multi or Full Color Digitally Printed Decals, Graphics, Logos or Photos. We can get it done for you. Vinyls are rated by their Exterior Duribility. You can get Econo Vinyls that are rated for 2-3-yrs. or you can get 5-7-yr. Intermediate Vinyls or Premium Vinyls rated for 8-12-yrs. Intermediates are usually made as a Calandered type of Process. Where during manufacture the Vinyl is Press-Rolled with heat to its final size. It can experience small shrinkage over time as it reverts back to its original size & shape. This is the type we typically use as it has a manufacturer warranty life of on average of 6-yrs. outdoor/exterior minimum & we have found it typically can last longer than that and sometimes can last around 8-yrs. or more. Premium Vinyls are made with a Process of Casting the Vinyl as a liquid to its final size, not rolling it out, but puring. This means it does not tend to shrink & it is usually thinner which enables it to conform to multi-curved surfaces easier. This is the most expensive type of Vinyl & is typically used in Vehicle Wraps for going over multi-curved surfaces. Intermediates are best for Flat surfaces & are more economical. Digital Prints are typically printed onto White base Vinyl. There are so many types, you want to be sure you get the exterior durability you need.

6, 8, 10 or 12- YEAR  ADHESION- Get What You Need!

Vehicle Graphics

                                    VEHICLE    GRAPHICS

From Car or Truck Doors to Van Sides to Non-Riveted Box Trucks. We produce and install all types of Vehicle Graphics onto flat vehicle surfaces or single-curved surfaces. But, we don't do Vehicle Wraps which involves applying Vinyls over multi-curved surfaces, moldings, trim and usually requires heat and stretching of the Vinyls to get it to go around these types of surfaces. Installing wraps is an extremely fussy and non-forgiving type of job and is better left to skilled people who have many years doing lots of them exclusively. It would be a disservice to our customers to attempt to provide wraps without the exclusive experience necessary to perform them right at competitive prices. Wraps are very expensive and if not done right, will begin peeling at the corners, trims or moldings within too short of a time. We leave wraps to others. While we provide needed Vehicle Advertising that is less busy and significantly stands out for our customers. And seeing how the Graphics we produce and apply are applied onto either Flat or Single-Curved surfaces, they stay in place without peeling for long durations. Many times they stay fixed for well over 5-8- years or more. We usually use Standard 6-year durability Vinyls, but we can provide 8, 10 or 12- year Cast Vinyls too if any of our customers requests it at extra costs. If you would like Vehicle Graphics that stand out and stay put, give us a call.


                                      ATM     SURROUNDS

Here at Stetts Signs, we have experience building Aluminum Structured ATM-Surrounds, Top-Hats & Bezels. Utilizing aluminum welding & CD-Stud Welding techniques along with CNC-Computer Routing. Learned many years ago back when ATM MAC-Machines (Money Access Centers) were still very popular. Richard was involved in the Design, Graphics & Fabrication of many different types of MAC-Machine ATM-Surrounds. Back then we had to do many "Pulls" through the Router that had to be precisely aligned, in order to get the entire Graphics routed out of the Aluminum Headers.

Today, we still build them in that time tested tried & true fashion using Aluminum Construction. This style of Fabrication has probably the longest & strongest durability of any design style out there. We have our own in-house CD-Stud Welder & Aluminum Spoolgun Welder. No outsourcing, & done right. We also provide many other ATM-Signage too. Decals, Digital Printing, Logos, Lane LED-Signage. You name it. We can get it done for you.    Give us a call today!

ATM Surrounds


                                 SIGN   RESTORATIONS

Maybe you don't want a new sign, but have an old sign you would like to have Restored to a New-Like condition. We here at Stetts Signs have done this with many customers signs over the years as a great affordable and economical option for their signage updates. The price to Restore or Refurbish a sign is often only a fraction of the cost of a new sign. You can have your old sign Sanded, Puttied, Spot-Primed and Repainted and Re-Lettered or New Graphics. Reusing the existing main panels and redoing Lettering, Graphics, Pinstriping or even redoing
lighting elements
, such as neon, fluorescent or led. All or any of these can breath new life into your old signs, making them once again stand out and look great to your customers. In some cases we can make your old signs look so good, people will think you got all new signs. And that's the point. To get Revised Image and Advertising for your business, at a more affordable price point. Making you look great and saving you money!       That's what we do!

Sign Restorations


                                        GIVE US A CALL!

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