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We are a Christian Family Owned Company in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania which is Home of the Little League World Series Head Quarters. We've been servicing the Williamsport, PA and nearby communities area for over 14 years as well as Lycoming County and all of Central PA. We have been Established since 2005 and experienced in the Sign Industry since 1990. We know what works and what doesn't. Our extensive experience together with our Moral convictions combine to provide you plenty of Industry Knowledge, Understanding, Honesty & Integrity with every job we do for you.


Richard S. Stetts 3rd

Owner & President

29+ Years

In The Sign Industry

Since 1990

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Christy Stetts

Co-Owner & Vice President

12+ Years

In The Sign Industry

Since 2007

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Meet The Owners:

Owner, Richard has extensive experience in All aspects of the Sign Industry with several years experience in the Advertising business also. He has worked on almost every type of Signage there is. From Hand Lettering Signs & Billboards to just about every other type of Sign, Sign Materials, Servicing & Installations. Too many to list here.
Richard's abilities also include; Welding steel and aluminum, operating Buckets Trucks and Aerial Platforms of all types and Sign Cranes. Also Project Management and Estimating. Working for and with many Lrg. National Provider Sign Companies and Subcontractors to individual private customers.

Richard S. Stetts 3rd


1986- Graduate,

                   Williamsport Area High School

1987-1990- Welteroth/Wagner

                   Advertising Agency,

                   Williamsport, PA

                   Graphic Artist

                   Paste-Up Artist

                   Production Supervisor

                   Stat Camera Tech.

1990-1993- Abby Signs, Inc.

                   Williamsport, PA

                   Sign Painter/Letterer

                   Graphic Artist


1994-1997- Wright Sign Company

                   Montoursville, PA

                   Graphic Artist


                   Limited Fab + Service Assistant

1997-2005- Abby Signs, Inc.

                   Williamsport, PA

                   Sign Architect

                   Dept. Management

                   Project Estimator

                   Permit & Codes Assistant

                   Graphic Designer


                   Fab + Service

2005-2019- President: Stetts Signs, LLC


Christy Stetts


Co-Owner Christy's experience is mostly in Advertising Art. Her talents of Fine Art Hand Paintings, intimate knowledge of Paints and Mixing of Paints, Gold Leaf Gilding, Graphic Design and Layout, Logo Design, Vinyl Prepping and Application and specific types of Installation knowledge as well as her skills of Project Management, Acquiring Permits and Zoning information. Including her Office Management/Controller duties she performs makes her Invaluable to Stetts Signs. Christy herself is a Remarkable woman in that though she hasn't done all the "hands-on" work Rich has done, she has become quite an Expert in the Sign Industry. Understanding many and much of the Complexities typically involved with all aspects of Fabrication as well as with Servicing and Installations. She is very Technically and Detail minded. There is not much that gets by her keen eyes in this industry. Rich and Christy compliment each other well in the Sign Industry. Working together to provide you with the Best Service possible.

1989- Graduate,

                   West Snyder High School

                   Sun Area Tech. Vocational                               School

                   Certificate Commercial Art

1989-1991- Pennsylvania College of

                   Technology, Williamsport, PA

                   Associates Degree- Advertising                       Art

1991-2003- P.S.A.H.M.

                   Professional Stay At Home Mom

2003-2007- Design Tiles Company

                   Mifflinburg, PA

                   Tile Muralist & Designer

                   Hand Painting Ceramic,

                   Granite & Marble Tiles

                   Murals Exported all over USA

2007-2011- Assistant

                   Bookkeeper/Controller for

                   Stetts Signs Sole Proprietor


2011-2019- Vice President Stetts Signs, LLC


                   Professional Master Gold

                   Leaf Guilder & Fine                                         Artist/ Muralist




Some Of Stetts Signs Major Partners


222 Fleming St, South Williamsport, PA 17702

McCain Industrial Services provides sales, installation and maintenance of industrial material handling equipment and process systems. We offer comprehensive and reliable solutions for your needs. Master Electricians on call. They Service all of USA & Central America.

Rt. 15 Hwy., South Williamsport, PA 17702

General Contractor for 30 years. 
Remodeling start to finish! Skilled in all trades. 
Fully insured and licensed. 

Experience in Residential, Commercial & Industrial.

Journeyman Electrician.

Our Story: Events Leading Up to Starting Stetts Signs

March-April- 1999:

Richard was employed as a Sign Architect, Graphic Designer & Sign Painter. His Boss at the time was a prominent member of the Masonic Lodge. (He had recently become a 32nd Degree Mason). And Richard had just finished up a Masonic Dbl.Headed Eagle Sign a few weeks earlier. Richard had begun feeling uneasy & troubled while working on the project. He also had become curious as to what this Lodge was all about. He began studying all about the Masonic Lodge. He learned several things that were not compatible with his Christian religious beliefs. (They used Alters, Temples, Rituals & Bible Oaths, while claiming they were not a religious organization, but that they believed in God & allowing people who believed in "ANY" God to join.      They also DENIED JESUS CHRIST as the Only way to Heaven & they Denied the One True Jewish/Christian GOD as the ONLY GOD.      He also found that they "Claim" Titles of achievement as earned Degrees for themselves that are actually Blasphemous to Christianity! Examples: The 16th Degree, they claim the Title, "Prince Of Jerusalem"; The 26th Degree, they claim the Title, "Prince Of Mercy". Both of which are Titles of the "Lord Of Lords & King Of Kings, JESUS CHRIST, the ONLY Son of GOD! Anyone claiming themselves such a Title "over the Lord" is being blasphemous & very prideful.      For mostly these reasons & more, Richard decided as a Christian he couldn't do work in the future for the Masonic Lodge any more. He felt as though he was responsible for using his "artistic" talents to make images of False Gods to be erected in his community. He would not do this any more ever again!

June- 1999:

Richard wrote out a Statement saying in short, "After the year 2000, (a 6-month notice) he would no longer do any work on/for the Masonic Lodge or any Non-Christian Organization that promoted things against his Christian Religious beliefs. His Boss at the time, Fired him on the spot, but then rehired him shortly afterwards due to the fact he didn't have anyone to replace Richard. Things cooled down, but Richard began expecting to lose his job shortly after the New Year.


Jan.- 2000:

However, the New Year came & went & he didn't lose his job. In fact his Boss kept him employed for another 5-years without incident.

Aug.- 2005:

Then his Boss asked him once again to do a job for the Masonic Lodge. (Actually it was an Affiliate Organization.) Richard declined & reminded his Boss of the Statement he wrote out & gave to him 5-years earlier. His Boss was furious! He Fired Richard on the spot once again! Then as Richard was cleaning out his Desk & Shop areas, his Boss & his spouse asked Richard to stay on to at least Train a replacement. He agreed, not having another job lined up. For 3-months, Richard was training his replacement. He began to wonder what his Boss's intentions were after so long. Would he eventually let Richard go, or was he thinking he would keep both of them employed? Richard couldn't tell & wasn't sure of his Boss's intentions.

The Birth of Stetts Signs

Sept.-Oct.- 2005:

Richard searched for a New Job during that period, but wasn't able to find employment in his field. Either he wasn't needed or was over qualified. And since he wasn't informed of his Boss's intentions. He really became worried & concerned. One day after an interview, (that didn't seem very likely), he was talking with his wife. They both looked at each other & said, "maybe we should start our own business". So, they

began the process of starting their own business. They purchased the basic equipment (Plotter, Programs & Misc.), started the process of getting their licenses, permits, creating a company Logo & a Sign as well as studying the subject like crazy.

Nov.- 2005:

By November 17th they had everything in place & late that night put up their Sign. On November 18th, Richard went in to work as usual. Within an hour at work, his Boss called him into the office. He had heard from a fellow employee (a guy who didn't like Richard too well), that Richard had a Sign up for his own business. His Boss said to Richard, "good luck with that" & let him go for good. So, Stetts Signs was born.

Nov. 22- 2005, First Day of Stetts Signs thru May 2006:

It was difficult the first couple of years. Richard would drive around in his falling apart little 84-Ford Ranger looking for business. Within a few months, he realized he needed a Bucket Truck to install signs. But, Rich & Christy were not able to afford such an expensive machine. Look at what GOD did for them...  One day Christy said to Rich, "maybe Camp Susque would sell us your Grandfather's old Bucket Truck". You see, 10-years previously Rich's Grandfather had given his Bucket Truck to one of his Son's & he gave it to a Christian Camp Organization. Rich said to Christy, "Yah right. Even if they would sell it to us, we couldn't afford it. Do you know what they sell for? Even if they wanted a small amount like say $2500, it would still be more than we can afford." Over a couple of weeks of her nagging Rich to call them, he gave in & called. They said, "They didn't know if they would be willing to sell it, but that money talks. So they would bring it up at their next meeting." Rich said to Christy, "See, money talks. It is just like I told you." Two weeks later, they called Rich back. They said, "If you can use the Truck, we all agreed unanimously, we will be Glad to let you have it." Rich asked, "how much?" They said, "We will let you have it for $1.00." Rich said in disbelief, "WHAT? For $1.00!" He couldn't believe it. To Rich & Christy, that was a Miracle!

2006 thru Nov. 2007:

With GOD's help & using all Rich's experience, within their 2nd year of business, they were able to land some National Account work with several National Provider Sign companies, also independently Servicing 8-Giant Foods Stores & up to 80-possible Turkey Hill Minit Market Stores. They began to grow. By 2007, they had outgrown doing work out of their Dining Room & Basement in their home. They needed more space for producing more & bigger signs. They began looking for an "inexpensive" place to rent. They really couldn't afford it, but needed to in order to produce work for some of their customers. They heard from one of their customers, who was a Christian, that he knew of someone who had commercial space for rent, who also was a Christian. So, Rich called them up to meet. When Rich met with them, he informed them that they really couldn't afford much at all, but needed to do whatever it took to complete work for their customers. To their surprise, they agreed to rent the 18-ft x 50-ft space for only $200/month including electric & garbage. That was another "huge" blessing! They were & have been great landlords.

2007 thru 2019:

Rich & Christy still rent & work with them today. Over the years they have Partnered up with them (when needed) & expanded into bigger sections of the building. Now Stetts Signs has separate Offices, Graphic, Fabrication & CNC-Router Departments as well as their Bucket Truck under roof. Material storage areas, both interior & exterior. Today they are working on expanding into New Markets with innovative New Products & using their Extensive Experience & Knowledge in the industry to serve a broader range within the industry while still producing, servicing & maintaining Signs for the Outdoor & Indoor Advertising Business. GOD continues to Bless Stetts Signs!




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