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Lrg Post Sign Survey



Here at Stetts Signs, we've literally done hundreds of Sign Surveys. From Elevations to Plot Plans to Pole & Tenant Signs. One thing we don't do is fill out customer Forms. We know all what is needed for Sign Surveys so well, it is a waist of time to fill out Forms. We go better by providing either Sign Survey Drawings or Picture Drawings, showing all the relevant information required. Every Sign Company we have been hired to do Surveys for has come back and said we have provided the Best Survey work they ever got, and were very impressed with our work. None have ever been dissatisfied except once when they forgot to ask us to get something surveyed. Surveys include: Detailed Pictures, Drawings or Picture Drawings, Details & Measurements of Single or Dbl. Faced, Retainer Moldings, Visible Openings- to calculate Face Cut-Size, Face Material Type, Graphics Type, Mounting Type, Pole Sizes & Distance between, Wall Thickness if possible, Height off Grnd. & OAH, Pole J-Boxes, Photocells or Timeclock info. if needed, Sign-Band Measurements, Color Similar Matches- PMS or S.W., Hinge-Face or Slide, Set-Backs- if needed, anything else important noticed, & Clerical Labor. Surveys Exclude: Opening Cabinets, Face-Thickness, Interior Condition, Electrical Internal Parts, Drivers, Ballasts, Number of Lamps, Wires, Circuits, Voltage or Amps Draw, Pole Plug-Welds, Cap Rings and High up Plates. All these items are part of a Service Call & take a lot more labor for multiple signs. They can be purchased separately at Extra Costs approx. equal to a Service Call for each sign.
      If you need a SIGN SURVEYED with a company who has a lot of EXPERIENCE, you've come to the right place.   GIVE US A CALL TODAY!



Building Permit Placard




We have all the Extensive Experience you need for obtaining all your Sign Permit requirements. We have dealt with some areas that are easy to deal with and some that are very difficult with many stringent requirements. Such as requiring Engineering Blueprint Drawings & Procedural Inspections throughout the Installation process. We have even dealt with some townships that had hardly any requirements, that we had to insist upon written documented Drawings and Approvals. Whatever or Where ever your need is, we can handle it!

Even if your location is not near to Stetts Signs, we can still Professionally take care of Obtaining all the Permits your Project may require. We are Experienced in Project Management. Hiring Subcontractors as needed to fulfill tasks near to your location. If something at your Site needs Reviewed, Documented or Special Pictures. We can hire a local Sign Company or Contractor to get it done. And done right, under our Management! We make sure the job gets done right. So, don't worry any more about it. No Matter Where You Are, Let Us Take The Hassle Out Of It For You!

Sign Permits
Zoning Permis
Green Cubes Background



Different Municipalities and Townships or Cities have different requirements for Signage. Like Size limitations and/or Square Footage limitations. As well as things like the total Number of Signs allowed on the property. And sometimes Secondary Signs can only be a certain percentage of the Building Frontage Area on one side. We are Very Experienced at looking through Zoning Codes and identifying all the Regulations that effect Signage Installations. Put our Experience to Work for you! We'll take all the hassle out of Applying for your Zoning Permits.


                                                   We can get it done Professionally and Hassle Free for you today!

Builing Permis



Many people don't realize, that when you Apply for a Sign Permit you often times must get a Building Permit also. Sometimes you are required to Apply and Obtain several other types of Permits too, at the same time as a Sign Permit in order to be Compliant with all the Zoning Regulations. We Specialize in getting it done right for you. Getting all the Permits that are required. Not just one or some, but everything needed.

                           We have Practical, Competent, "Time Tested", Real World, Proven Experience!

Construction Permits
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A variation of a Building Permit, the Construction Permit is very similar. When Approved gives the Applicant the right to go ahead with the Construction Project. Whether it is Signage or Building Structural. We here at Stetts Signs are very familiar with all the Terminology used throughout the Zoning Codes Regulations of Municipalities, Townships and Cities. We Specialize in knowing what is required to getting it done right.

                                   Let the POWER of Knowledge & Experience do the hard work for you!

HARB Permits

HARB- Historic Architecture Review Board- PERMITS-


In many cities around the country there are Historic Districts where they have special requirements or limitations for signage. Here at Stetts Signs, we have had to deal with many such Districts in and around central PA. In these cases it is sometimes required that customers Logos or Signage has to be changed or modified in order to meet the Districts limitations or restrictions. You have to come up with new Designs to fit and you have to attend special Meetings to try to get special Approval for your customers Logos or Signs. You are going to want someone who has Experience making these kind of changes, modifications or suggestions to HARB Meetings to get Approval for your New Signage. You can count on Stetts Signs to have the Experience you need.

                                  Call On Some One You Can Count On With The Experience To Get It Done Right!

Engineering Stamps
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More and more Municipalities and Cities are requiring Stamped Engineering Drawings before any New Signage can be issued a Permit of any kind. We have engineers that we work with here at Stetts Signs, to produce the necessary Drawings that Cities and Municipalities require to have a sign approved. Whether it is Excavation Foundations, Pole Sign and Wall Thicknesses needed for Wind-Loads and Height requirements for different types of signs. We have the Experience to produce Designs to present to Engineers to get those Stamped Drawings produced and Approved for you.

                                   Providing What You Need- Knowledge & Experience Working For You!




There are times where your Business may require signage that is beyond or larger than the Current Allowances in the Sign Zoning Codes where you are located. This is when you would want to apply for a Variance to see if you can get an Exception to the Codes for your New Signage. You need someone to be able to attend a Variance Hearing or Counsel Meeting to competently describe your needs and requirements for the Code Exceptions you are requesting to the Review Board to try to get approval for your New Signs. We have a history of doing this for many customers. And we can do it for you and your business too.

                                                You Can Trust In Us With The Experience To Work For You!

PennDot Off Premise Sign Permits
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Notoriously difficult, the PennDot Off Premise Sign Permit is required whenever a Sign is not on your primary property along a State Road, Rout or Highway. The best example of this would be- Billboards. They advertise for a business that is not at the Billboards location. Another example is a Remote Sign. A good example of a Remote Sign, is a Directional type Sign on a Rented or Leased property along a State Road, Rout or Highway, which could be several miles away directing traffic to the main location. Such as maybe a Church. Some things you have to be careful of, is to fill out the Applications many pages very accurately and completely. Also knowing certain Regulations like Distance between Off Premise Signage, Led/Flashing Copy Sign Regulations and Special Setback Regulations along State Roads, Routs and Highways is very important. These types of Permits are a Huge Hassle even for Experienced Professionals like us. We have successfully dealt with PennDot on several occasions and have Successfully Obtained Permits for our customers. Of which, they were very pleased to get the job done right after their own failed attempts to get the proper Permits approved.  We got them Approved!

                                                   We Specialize in knowing what is required to getting it done right!

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