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Get your Sign, Structural & Design Consultation on the path to success!


Did You Ever Want To Talk To An Expert In The Sign Industry?

Just to learn all about the different types of signs there are and their standard production methods.

Things You Could Learn From An Expert That Could SAVE YOU A LOT  Of  MONEY....

                                                                             * Various Types Of Signage Existing (Older & New)

                                                             * Standard Production Methods for Types of Signage

                                                             * Appropriate Signage for Intended Purposes

                                                             * Fabrication Methods

                                                             * Design Practices

                                                                                                                              .... And More







Here at Stetts Pro Services, we are Very Experienced with approx. 30-yrs with all types of Design Work, Permits, Surveys, Servicing, Maintenance, Installations and much more in the Sign Industry, since 1990. We also have extensive experience at Sign Structures, Construction & Fabrication too. Matching Design with available Material Specifications for real life Construction & Fabrication from the start. Avoiding pitfalls from designing something that only later during fabrication is discovered to not be able to be built due to designed sizes not fitting actual material available sizes or characteristics etc.

Not only do you want your New Signs to look good & grab attention, but you also want them to be Built Properly & to do the job they are designed & intended to do. With the best Construction Methods & Materials available, which can sometimes be difficult to do & figure out how to Fabricate into the real world.

We often even figure out for our customers how to substitute less expensive materials or methods to achieve a similar look as a much more expensive design, but to better fit their limited budjet. HELPING our customers achieve their budget goals!

For example;Many times a customer will come to us with a very complex & expensive Sign Design of a solid Aluminum Sign Face with "Routed-Out" Letters & with Plastic Letters "Pushed-Thru" the Aluminum Letter openings with extremely tight tolerances which another company did for them. And in many cases the customer had already purchased from the other company many of the of the completed expensive signs. Then later they come to us & ask what we would charge to make the sign. With our extensive knowledge, we know that such "Push-Thru" Solid Aluminum Sign Faces are not only expensive to make, but they also have some construction weaknesses that in most cases causes them to fail. Inevitably, those types of Sign Faces will experience the "Centers" of the "Push-Thru" letters "Falling Out" & the sign will appear to look damaged or old & broken giving a bad image to the public. The "Centers" in most cases are only "Glued" into the "Push-Thru" Plastic part of the Letters. And the glues always eventually fail.

So, we will recommend to the customer to "not" spend all that money on a "Push-Thru" Face. But, rather on other options, such as;

1.) "Routed-Out" Letters out of an Aluminum Face with only "Backed-Up" Plastic behind the Letters & "Studding" the "Centers" of the "A's, B's or O's", so they can't fall off. No "Push-Thru's".  Or...

2.) Making the Face out of all White Polycarbonate Plastic with an Opaque Vinyl background leaving only the Letters cut-out & showing. So that when Lit, only the Letters will light, similar to an Aluminum "Push-Thru" Face. But without the extra costs & without the "Centers" Failure that always occurs with "Push-Thru" Faces.

These are just some of the things we offer to our customers because we care about providing them with the best information & designs as we can. Not only for their sake, but admittedly for our own sake as well. If we provide products & services to our customers that do not fail, it reflects upon us & upon our business character & integrity which means a lot to us & to our customers!

Give us a Call Today!      Let's See What We Can Create For You!


A Christian Family Owned Company!

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