You know your audience and what message you want to share with them. Stetts Signs can help provide you with solutions that will best deliver it, and then design and manufacture your new signage and graphics on time and within your budget. We can help you explore the many options of indoor and outdoor Signage Solutions that are available or that best suits your requirements. Not sure what Signage you need or what your sign should look like? Stetts Signs has many years of experience with Design, Production & Installation of almost every type of signage there is. We can take your ideas and create a Layout Drawing Proof for you to Approve first to be sure we capture your ideas, message, logo or brand well. Already know what you need or  want? Contact Stetts Signs and let our expertise help you and your company today!


Be sure to make an educated decision when purchasing your next sign. If you've been Quoted a real low price from one company. Be sure they are not quoting you for improper or cheap materials for the application you need or asked for. For Example; Translucent "Lit" Vinyls cost approx. 3-times more than what Non-Lit vinyls cost. You may have been quoted for Non-Lit Vinyls when your sign is suppose to have Lit/Translucent-Vinyls. You get a lower price from that company & a much higher price from another company, not realizing with the cheaper company you will be actually getting Non-Lit Vinyl Lettering on your Lit Sign. And it's not until weeks or months later, you realize there was a reason your signs were cheaper.

At Stetts Sign we offer Proper Materials for the application HONESTLYAnd if you're unsure, we are here to help you with what you really need or want. We Are Ready to share our Extensive Industry Knowledge & Moral Convictions to help you Benefit and Save!


Custom Fabricated
New Slim-Profile Led Channel Letters
Carved & Gold Leafed
Christian Church at Cogan Station V-Carved, Gold Leafed Cedar Plank Panel Sign.
Post & Panel Signs
Sunnybrook Meadows Carved Wood Composite Post & Panel Sign.
Painted Cedar Plank Signs
Fairlawn Community Church, Cogan Station, PA, Painted Cedar Plank Sign with 3D-Cross & Steeple.
Polymetal Panel Signs
Amazing Grace Ministries Polymetal Aluminum Composite Post & Panel Sign.
Sandblasted Wood Signs
Camp Susque, Trout Run, PA Lrg. Dbl.Sided Sandblasted Cedar Plank Post & Panel Sign.
Church Signs
New Life Presbyterian Church Williamsport, PA, Carved & Gold Leafed Wood Composite Post & Panel Sign.
Changeable Track Letters Signs
Trinity Lutheran Church, Jersey Shore, PA, Changeable Track Letters Wall Sign.
Wall Studded Letters
Brethren In Christ Cut-out Wall Stud Letters, Montoursville, PA
Engraved Plaques
Prayer Garden Granite Plaque
Church Retro-Fit Signage
Retrofit White Church Sign insert with new Leds
Custom Crafted Cedar Plank Sign
The Well Church, Williamsport, PA Custom Cedar Sign
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Electronic Message Center Signs
Made In America USA Brands
Always English Speaking Service Tech Support Available
  There are so many different types of Electronic Message Center signs and many Manufacturers too. So, many it can be hard to choose which is right for you or which ones are better. Or does it even make a difference?
  Well, here at Stetts Signs, we will only sell 2-Brands and no others. There are many less expensive models and manufacturers out there. But, we have found several Very Important issues with the less expensive Brands.
  All of these types of signs are basically televisions or computers, put outside and fully exposed in the weather. They are all bound to need Servicing. That's where the problems come in. Most are made in China. And you are not able to get English speaking Service Support, if any support at all. And even if one is said to be made in America, you still can't get Service Support when you need it.
  And why is Service Support sooo important? Because most Sign Companies do not have direct experience repairing Electronic Computer Digital Equipment. Most of us rely on the Service Tech Support, to walk us through the repair while On-Site on the phone with them. If you can't get ahold of a Tech that speaks english or one at all. You are out of luck. No support or repair for your Very Expensive sign. It becomes useless. We have many businesses contact us with this problem. We had to inform them, we couldn't help them.
  We will Only sell DAKTRONICS or WATCHFIRE Brands for the above reasons! They do cost more. But, you get Truly made in USA Products with 24/7 English Speaking Service Tech Support whenever you need it.
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