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214 Fleming St., South Williamsport, PA 17702

                                     Call Attention To Your Message- Have It Custom Manufactured To Get Your Business To Stand Out And Be Noticed !

 Whether you want a Custom Fabricated "Stick"

 built Aluminum Frame or Steel Frame Sign. We

 can built it for you. We utilize Aluminum and

 Steel Angles, with 4-different types of Welding

 capabilities available we are able to use. Steel

 Stick Welding, Steel Mig Welding, Aluminum Mig

 Welding or CD-Stud Welding. We also make Cedar

 Carved Signs, Post & Panel Signs,Wall Panel Signs,

 Gold Leaf Guilding, Channel Letters, Cloud Signs,

 Custom Fabricated Shapes. All can be either Lit or

 Non-Lit with many types of lighting to choose

 from. Such as LED, Fluorescent Lamp, M.Halide,

 Neon etc. You choose, and we will custom build it

 for you. We provide Design thru Installation.

Manufacturing- Custom Metal/Wood Sigange

 Custom Building Aluminum Construction ATM

 Surrounds, Top Hatters and Kiosks Signage. We

 utilize our own Aluminum Spool Gun Welder and

 CD-Stud Welders to Fabricate custom Signage to

 fit your Machine Units. Using 1/8''-thick aluminum

 sheets and extruded aluminum sections to make

 illuminated or non-illuminated ATM and Banking

 Signage for you. Send us the type of machine you

 have with its dimension specs., and we will built

 a Signage package around your machine to suite

 you. Your product is custom made receiving a lot

 of close attention to detail that it might not get

 at a company that mass produces products in lrg.

 volume. Ensuring your job is done with care.

Manufacturing- ATM Surrounds & Signage