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These Are Very Important Reasons Why & How Our Christian Beliefs Can Help You & Your Company !


You deserve Honesty up front about every job we do. We won't and don't under estimate a job at the start and then come back later in the middle or end of the job, demanding more money, the whole while knowing we would purposely do so to win the bid. If we ask for more, it is a legitimate item that came up unforeseen. We've seen this done a lot and believe it is dishonest. We answer to a Higher Power (the Creator-GOD) and are accountable to HIM.


The LORD directs us in the Bible to "do all your Work as unto the LORD".

And HE will bless you. This is what we strive to do in all our business  practices. We are not push-overs though, but HE is our Ultimate Boss. We are not perfect, but if we find we have made a mistake, we will do whatever we can to make it right and fair. Even with misunderstandings, we try to humble ourselves for Love and Good Relations sake.


We will not knowingly or willing do something against our Moral beliefs which are based on Christian Biblical teaching. Our standing Righteous before GOD is utmost important to us. And is ultimately more important than making money. We can not expect to be successful and blessed if we go against GOD or do something immoral or wrong towards HIM or any of our Customers. HE always holds us Accountable beyond money and profits.

Why Does It Matter We Are A Christian Company ?

NOW FULLY BONDED !                       CHRISTIANITY





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