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214 Fleming St.. South Williamsport, PA 17702

Christy L. Stetts (50%-Owner)

of Stetts Signs, LLC is a Fine Artist as well as having many other Talents. She produces all our Gold Leafing and Fine Art Hand Paintings for the Signs we make for our customers.

                 We also often offer Fine Art Hand Painted Scenes with or onto many Cedar Signs we produce for our Customers.

              Folded Hills Farms                                          SunnyBrook Meadows                                                Fern Rock

Our Sign Blanks are made of High Quality 1.4''- wide full length strips of Clear Western Red Cedar, glue laminated together without Finger Joints with a Water Proof Resorcenol Exterior Marine Grade Glue. This Glue is Structural Beam Grade Quality. The many Strips in a Plank Panel allow for the Grain to be Aligned in different directions relative to each other. Providing much less chance of Warpage over time.

               5' x 8'- Dbl. Sided                                              4' x 6'- Single Sided                                       3' x 12'- Single Sided

            We are able to Produce Cedar Plank Signs as Large as 5' x 10' or up to 6' x 12' x 1.75''- thick.




                   Sandblasted 5'x 8'-D/F- Gold Leafed Cedar                                     Flat 4'x 8'-S/F- Vinyl & Paint/Clear-Coat Cedar

              We Use Western Red Cedar Planks for all our Cedar Signs !

It is our Recommendation & Policy to always use Cedar rather than HDU (High Density Urethane Foam) when mounting is to be done between Posts or Poles. Only offering HDU (Foam) Carved & Gold Leafed Signs when mounting is to be onto a Wall or Solid surface. Due to the likelihood of HDU (Foam) to Crack/Fracture from Windloads, Vibrations, Vandalism or Impacts. We have Witnessed and Experienced such Damages to HDU (Foam) Signs many times.

The Sign we produced for Camp Susque in Trout Run, PA is a Good Example of this. The day after we Installed the Sign along Rt. 14, we had gone back to the Site for some touchup and found someone had driven by the Sign at highway speeds and threw a Beer Bottle at the Sign.

If the Sign had been made of HDU (Foam) it probably would have been destroyed, with a Large Chunk busted out or with such bad damage it would not have been able to have been repaired, but would have to have been redone. We have seen such Impacts to (Foam) Signs that have broken large pieces out or deep gouges or major cracks that weakened or ruined the whole structure.

But since the Sign was made of 1-3/4''-thick Cedar, it barely had a small dent in it where the Bottle had impacted it.

Even when (Foam) Signs are reinforced with Steel there are vulnerable areas of the Sign that Windload, Vibrations and/or Impacts can cause Breakage, Deep Gouges, or Major Structural Cracks.

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