We also provide Full Lighting Servicing of ATM- Surrounds, Kiosks and Toppers. Whether Fluorescent Lamp Lit or LED-

illuminated. We have a lot of experience Servicing these

units as well. We can also provide Repainting, Lettering,

and Decals. With a Service Radius of up to 3-hrs. If need

be, we could even travel out of State for you convenience.

Give us a try and lets us see what we can do for you today.

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  ATM- Surrounds, Kiosks, Top Hats

   We Custom Build our Units from the ground up

   per your Specs.

   We don't mass produce any products due to

   the variability of sizes and types of Machines

   available. We take the Measurements of your

   Machine, and Custom Build an ATM-Surround,

   Topper or Kiosk to fit it.

   Whether you want a Simple design with Non-

   lit Lettering or a Complex design with Routed

   letters out of aluminum with Push-thru plex

   and illuminated Letters. Illuminated with

   fluorescent lamps or LED-lighting. We can

   build it for you today. We can offer plain and

   simple or with Shelves and Trash Bins. Which-

   ever way you want it.

   We do our own in-house CD-Stud Welding

   which provides the ability to hide fasteners,

   especially for more complex designs. We outsource

   CNC-Routing of Letters and Faces at this time, but

   we have a lot of experience with these types of

   projects. We look forward to working with you !

NOW FULLY BONDED !                       ATM-SURROUNDS

           ATM- Signage and Decals

   We Custom make Aluminum type construction

   of ATM-Signage and ATM-Surrounds.

   Whether Aluminum Panels that are Non-lit or

   Fully internally illuminated with fluorescent

   lamps or LED-lighting Signs and Graphics.

   We can make them for you. And at most any size,

   except where material size availability limitations

   get in the way.

   With over 20- years of experience that can be put

   to work for you. The owner of Stetts Signs, Richard

   Stetts III, has been in the Sign industry since 1990.

   And has many years experience  being involved

   with the Manufacture and Production of many of

   the Old style MAC-Machine Surrounds and

   Signage throughout the 90's. Producing the

   Surrounds and Signage themselves and the Vinyl

   Graphics and Logos mounted or applied onto the

   units. At Stetts Signs, as we did excellent work for

   Sovereign Bank, we can do it for you too.

   Building Custom Signage or Surrounds with quality

   and experience !      Let us help you today.

ATM- Surrounds, Kiosks, Top Hatters or Signage, We can Custom Make It for You



Get All Your ATM- Surround, Kiosk, Top Hatters & Signage Custom Made For Your Machine Today, with Personal Service!


214 Fleming St., South Williamsport, PA 17702

We Offer Personal Service that You Can't Get With Those Bigger Companies,

Taking the Time to Really Care About Your Project !